Aluche Fadfade

“Alu” or “Colocasia leaves” are commonly available in markets during the monsoon. “Fadfade” is a curry prepared using these leaves and is a common Maharashtrian festive vegetable prepared specially on the occasion of Ganesh festival.

Kindly note that there are 2 types of Colocasia leaves available in the market. First, which is used for this type of curry which are shaped like lotus leaves with rounded ends, like shown in in the image. The other type, used for “Aluvadi” are bigger in size and have pointed ends. The recipe for “Aluvadi” coming soon…


1) Colocasia Leaves – 1 bunch(Kindly ensure that the stems of the leaves are reddish. The ones with white stems are wild leaves which tend to itch the throat while consuming them.)

2) Few small pieces of Fresh Coconut

3) Garlic petals – 5 to 6 – finely cut

4) Peanuts – 1 bowl – boiled

5) Jaggery – 1 bowl – quantity can be adjusted as pder personal choice

6) Turmeric powder – Half tsp

7) Green Chillies – 3

8) Asafoetida – Pinch

9) Chana Dal(Split Chickpeas) – 1 bowl – cooked

10) Peanut crush – Half bowl

11) Tamarind paste – Half bowl

12) Oil – 2 tsp

13) Salt as per taste

14) Besan(Gram flour) – 2 tsp


1) Cut the Colocasia leaves and stems into medium/small sized pieces.

2) Add the cut pieces to the pressure cooker. Add turmeric powder, green chillies and oil. Add 3 bowls of water. Let it cook for 2 to 3 whistles till it cooks.

3) Once cooked, use the blender to make it into a paste. Add Besan and blend again.

4) Heat it in a cooking pan.

5) Add Chana dal, peanuts, coconut pieces, tamarind pieces, peanut crush, jaggery and mix.

6) Add Salt as per taste and mix.

7) Let the jaggery melt which should take about 3 mins.

8) Let us prepare the tadka(tempering). Heat oil in the tadka pan. Once hot, add Asafoetida. Add Garlic pieces after 10 seconds. Once the Garlic changes colour, add to the vegetable. When adding to the vegetable, ensure that the lid is immediately kept on the pan for few seconds.

9) Mix the tadka with the vegetable.

10) The curry is ready for serving.

For the detailed video recipe, please click the YouTube link.

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