Bharli Tondli

“Tondli” or Ivy Gourd is a common vegetable in Indian households. But, this vegetable is not particularly enjoyed by many. In our house, we use ivy gourd in many preparations, but the one shown here is considered the tastiest and enjoyed by all. Bharli Tondli or stuffed Ivy Gourd, is a medium spicy preparation loaded with tasty masala.

Ingredients –

  • Ivy Gourd – 250 gms
  • Turmeric powder – Half tsp
  • Salt as per taste
  • Sugar – Half tsp
  • Finely cut Coriander for garnishing
  • Dry Coconut-Onion roasted and made into a paste – 1 bowl
  • Red Chilly powder – 1 tsp
  • Onion – finely cut – 1 piece
  • CKP Garam Masala – 1 tsp
  • Garlic paste – Half tsp
  • Ginger paste – Half tsp

Preparation –

  • Wash the ivy gourd.
  • Cut the ends.
  • Make 4 vertical cuts in each piece, without cutting out the pieces, similar to how we make cuts for stuffed brinjal.
  • Heat half tablespoon of oil in the cooking pan
  • Once the oil heats, add the Onion.
  • Saute the Onion till it changes colour.
  • Add the onion-coconut paste.
  • Add Red Chilly powder.
  • Add Turmeric powder.
  • Add Ginger paste.
  • Add Garlic paste.
  • Add Garam Masala.
  • Add Sugar.
  • Saute and mix for about half a minute.
  • Add Salt as per taste.
  • Add the ivy gourd pieces and saute well.
  • Keep the lid on the pan for about 1 minute.
  • Remove the lid and add 2 bowls of water.
  • You can use the same bowl in which you had taken the coconut-onion masala to ensure that the leftover masala is used.
  • Mix well
  • Keep the lid on the pan.
  • Let the vegetable cook for around 10 mins on a low flame.
  • If the gourd is small and tender, it would cook faster. Hence, you should check once after 5 mins, if it is cooked.
  • Garnish with Coriander and move to the serving bowl.

For the complete recipe video, click on the following link –

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