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Hello friends!

I am Sushama Vilas Deshpande, the youngest of 4 children, born in 1951 to Ramchandra Gupte and Snehalata Gupte in Bhusalavar in Maharashtra. I spent my younger years in Khamgaon near Akola in Maharashtra.

My mother started training me in cooking at the tender age of 6. By the time I was 12-13 years of age, I had already mastered quite a few traditional CKP recipes and had already started experimenting with other recipes.

After marriage, I studied to be a beautician and had a successful business for more than 20 years. I also conducted many private classes in Cooking, Beauty treatments, Jams, Squashes, Cakes, Mehendi designs, Arts and Crafts, Painting, Embroidery, Sauces, etc. I have also actively worked in the catering business undertaking party and daily tiffin orders.

Due to my interest in cooking, I had a lot of traditional and modern recipes with me. I decided to write them down in a book format and thus published my first book “Ase Amhi Kayastha”, which was a traditional CKP(Kayastha) recipe book. It was quite successful within and outside our community and the first edition was sold out, post which I published the second edition. While these were traditional recipes, I also had a lot of modern and party recipes, which I published in the form on my second book – “Ashi Rangavuya Party” in 2018.

On the persistence of my friends and relatives, I launched my YouTube channel – “CKP Recipes by Sushama Deshpande” in November 2018. At the time of writing this, my channel has close by 8000 subscribers and more than 100 recipes, with 2 to 3 recipes being added every week.

I have a lot of recipes to be shared on this blog and my channel. Hope you like them.

Thank you.

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  1. Suunil G Murudkar says:

    I regularly watch your videos. I remember my mother in Mumbai. Ckp food is close to me because I had two ckp neighbors. Most I love is kanavle and kolambi cha upma. You are elder than me. But one request as a chef and photographer, next time use wooden or silicon spatula for non stick appliances. 🙏. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much! I will pass this to my mother

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